Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A few more drawings

I did these life drawings while I was in the slough of despond, and was so convinced that they were dreadful that I didn't look at them for a week. When I got them out yesterday, I was surprised to discover that 1. they aren't as bad as I remembered and 2. they are rather different from my usual style - particularly these first two (clicky if you want to enlarge):

I especially like the one above as it reflects my mood at the time. I like the way her face is steely but calm. And I like the way she is holding herself with ridiculously large arms. I find it comforting.

I am much cheerier now, not least because last night I was taken to London on a fabulous date, which I will tell you all about tomorrow. In other news, tonight I will be attending the premiere of the film I was an extra in recently. I have to say, I love my life.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I've just realised that I haven't been keeping you up to date with my life drawing progress. Here are a few of my recent men - click to enlarge (apols for the less-than-great photo quality - they were too big to scan):

Tomorrow I'll show you some of my women...

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Looks from the Swisharama

Today I thought I'd show you a few more looks from my Summer Swisharama. I am in love with this black and white satin dress swished from Isabel. I adore the Biba-esque pattern. The gorgeous Laura wears shirt swished from me. (Quite what kind of bizarre pose I am attempting here, I have no idea. I look like some kind of stiff and immobile shop-window mannequin. Rather unsettling, actually)

I wore this dress last night when I went to see the incomparable Arthur Brown with Merlin, Mr H and lovely Kathryn. Lovely Kathryn is one of my oldest and most treasured friends, who has just returned from several years in Oz:

Kathryn wears cowboy boots brought by Julie. Jodie wears vintage dress brought by Sam and Nicki.

Sam shows off the incredible shrinking clothes rail, which actually started the evening at shoulder height...

Zoe wears black sequin-detail dress, swished (I think) from Isabel.

Mrs L-P wears top swished from Mrs H. She calls this her 'Merchant Ivory corset'. How fabulously demure? Helena Bonham-Carter eat your heart out.

Laura wears top swished from Mrs H. I wear silk chiffon Monsoon dress. Not sure who brought this but I LOVE it. However, I am fairly migrainous with envy at Laura's washboard stomach. And this having carried a child, goddammit.

Oh, and did I mention the madperson with the hair?

Madame la Moue wears jeans swished from Kathryn, jumper swished from moi, hair swiped from Isabel's actual scalp.

Friday, 25 June 2010

The cure for melancholia

Last night was my Summer Swisharama, which was just what I needed to cheer me up. I was a bit down in the dumpettes yesterday and decided to receive guests from my bed of melancholy, wearing a black lace mantilla:

Which looked particularly chic when turned into this Molly-Parkin-esque creation:

In the end, though, the mantilla only remained in place for the first few guests, as I was soon cheered out of my melancholia by NEW CLOTHES. Thanks to Sam and Nicki for my gorgeous new vintage skirt and beaded cardi. How divine?

Poor Charlie came straight from giving blood and promptly fainted thanks to the combination of the wine, the sudden June heatwave, and the fact that you could barely see your hand in front of your face for smoke after I absent-mindedly burned the pitta bread. Here she is on the right, looking only slightly green, as Alexandra and Zoe try on some swishing loot:

Fortunately it would take more than a medical emergency and a minor house-fire to stop determined swishers. Windows were opened, more wine was poured and the glamour continued unabated. Laura worked the off-the-shoulder look, worn with her own jewellery creations...

...and Mrs L-P bagged one of the finds of the evening, this fabulous fitted trench with gorgeous button detail on the cuff. Thanks to Isabel for bringing that one.

The highlight of the evening, however, which really pulled me out of the slough of despond, was Madame la Moue trying on Isabel's hair extensions:

She immediately discovered her inner blonde bombshell and took her out to play..., um, devastating effect...

Quel class. MLM and I are off to Florence together in a few weeks. Those Italian men have NO IDEA what they are in for...

More looks from the swisharama tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summer Swisharama

I am hugely excited because this Thursday I am having a clothes swap party. If you're near Lewes in East Sussex and fancy coming along, drop me a line.

Thanks to Madame la Moue for this fab Steven Meisel pic of Madge eating a pizza. In the nude, naturellement.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The continental lifestyle

This is me and Mrs H living the continental lifestyle on our terrace. And by 'terrace', what I mean is pavement. We have been here for nine years, but never thought of doing this until our street was pedestrianised last year. Now it is positively infested with faux-French pavement cafes, so we decided to join them:

We were greeted with great hilarity by passers-by, who actually laughed in our faces. We maintained a dignified composure, however, and after laughing and pointing at us for twenty minutes, the waiters from the Real Eating Company opposite our house crossed the road with a complimentary bowl of olives for us. Who's laughing now, eh? 

This arrangement is so much more sociable than just sitting in your own garden - we've had hordes of our friends and neighbours passing by and joining us for drinks, snacks and strawberries - what jolly fun!

We were sitting out here when my latest lovely couchsurfers, Max and Manjula from San Francisco arrived last week. You can read about their trip on their blog here. Sadly the couchsurfer who arrived after them was not *quite* so considerate. She did leave me a little gift, however it wasn't quite the kind I was expecting...

More on that story later. Tonight I must get my beauty sleep in preparation for lovely Emily's weekend-long birthday celebrations tomorrow...

Thursday, 3 June 2010

What we wore: British Museum

Madame la Moue and I had a little trip to see the Renaissance drawings exhibition at the British Museum. Here is what we wore:

MLM wears: dress: Monsoon; sandals: Clarks; huge ring: Dorothy Perkins.

I wear: wrap dress: ASOS, swished from Mrs H; red scarf: Zara; sandals: £4.99 from the Heart Foundation charity shop; bag: Mulberry Ledbury, bought on eBay.

Here is one of the drawings we saw: Michaelangelo's A Youth Beckoning, from 1509. This is the kind of thing we are aiming for in our own life drawings, obvs.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

What I wore: Queen Esther's birthday

Hello dear readers. Sorry about the long absence - life has been one long social whirl lately and I haven't had a minute between bohemian parties to update you. Madame la Moue has just emailed me saying 'Change Edamame before I have nervous breakdown.  Just put a new pic up of something.' So here are some pics of the outfit I wore to Queen Esther's birthday on Sunday:

Black linen maxi dress: Pradamark about four years ago (I am SO ahead of my time); metal belt: this season's Accessorize; pewter platorm stilettos: a one off sample designed by Mrs H, but never put into production (why, I have no idea - they are divine).

I covered up with this white Indian embroidered shawl that I found second hand for £7.50 on Sunday:

The party was super-boho: actual hordes of virtuoso musicians and poets performing amidst flaming torches in the middle of the Sussex countryside.

Lots more to tell you, but must go and catch up on my beauty sleep now. Bonne nuit...