Saturday, 27 November 2010

I love Paris in the winter...

...which is fortunate, because if it's anything like it is here at the moment it will be very wintry indeed. Last night I slept with the following:

1. pyjamas
2. socks
3. a cardi
4. 3 duvets
5. 2 quilts
6. an eiderdown
7. a hot water bottle
8. the heating on

And I STILL woke up feeling cold.

Anyway enough of this complaining: I'M GOING TO PARIS!!! This is the apartment we are renting:

I picked it for the two big windows, those oh-so-French hexagonal floor tiles (what is the name for these?) and the pretty wooden sideboard...

...oh, and for the location, location, location, bien sur: slap-bang in the middle of the Marais, the chic-yet-bohemian district that is home to the gay quarter and the Jewish quarter (the Rue des Rosiers, packed with falafel shops, is particularly handy for us vegans).

We'll be on the tres jolie Rue des Blancs Manteaux:

In other news, plans for the Lewes swish at Pelham House are continuing apace. We can now confirm that we will have a gorgeous 'Pamper Zone', where you can have a manicure, pedicure or massage when you've swapped till you've dropped! As an early Christmas present to all our customers, we've also got a 3 for 2 offer on tickets - why not book now at and make it a girly day out?

My Swish continues to garner media attention: yesterday I was interviewed by a lovely lady from the Daily Mirror. She will be featuring My Swish, along with's Lucy Shea, in an article in Monday's paper! Don't forget to buy your copy...

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Photos from the Brighton swish

Here are some photos from our swish at Lansdowne Place in Hove. These were taken by the talented Rachael Silverlock of Thanks to Rachael and everyone else who helped make the event such a success! Let us know if you spot yourself or any of your swished items in the photos...

The changing area before the mayhem began. Tasteful, non?

The super-fabulous Sharon Lewis, ukelele superstar.

 Our spa prize winner, the beautiful Alex, takes time out with a cocktail. Tres chic, we think.

The swishtini cocktails went down a storm...

Let the swishing begin: the swishettes get stuck in!

Therese la Tease looking divinely elegant, as always (that waist!). 

The goodies went fast, but I am pleased to report that ladylike behaviour was maintained at all times...

WHICH lucky swishette got this dress? I have swish-envy...

The My Swish team hit the bar post-swish: tired but undaunted, we live to swap another day.

If you enjoyed the Brighton swish and feel like doing it all again or if you're a swish-virgin and fancy giving it a try, why not book now for our Christmas swish in Lewes on 12th December? Book online at to get our special 3 for 2 ticket offer!

In other news, MM is taking me to Paris for a week on Tuesday. I am already planning my outfits for the week. Madame la Moue told me I am the luckiest person she knows. I cannot disagree...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Swishing success!

Yesterday's My Swish Clothes Swap Extravaganza was a great success. Amazingly, everything went like clockwork, thanks in no small part to our truly wonderful My Swish staff. Thank you lovely ladies!

Here is Therese la Tease delighting us all with her fabulous can-can:

 Today I'm absolutely shattered after a weekend of swishing and funerals, so will have to tell you all about it tomorrow. If you can't wait to find out how it went though, visit the fabulous Vintage Brighton blog to see how the lovely Jo-Ann got on at the swish...

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Goody bags

This morning I went to pick up the goody bags for Sunday's My Swish Clothes Swap Extravaganza at Lansdowne Place. They've been provided by our sponsors, the lovely people at Barefoot Wine and will be stuffed full of all sorts of goodies and vouchers. They're only for those who have booked in advance though, so if you want one, make haste to our website and snap up your ticket asap.

Another very exciting bit of news about Sunday's swish: we will have stylists from the University of Brighton Fashion Society on hand to offer advice to swishettes, as well as customising swished items on site. I'm really excited about this - with a bit of luck it will become a regular feature of future swishes.

Madame la Moue and I have been astonished at the way everything has fallen into place with our new business. Practically everyone we've approached has been amazingly enthusiastic about what we're doing. It seems that we've tapped into a huge groundswell of demand for fashion that is ethical and free, but glamorous and desirable at the same time. I don't want to count our chickens, but it really does feel like the sky's the limit at the moment...

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Vintage fashion fair

Today Madame la Moue and I had  lovely day out at the fabulous Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair at Brighton Racecourse. Very cheering and an excellent opportunity to meet some very friendly and creative people and persuade them to have stalls at our upcoming My Swish events.

I gave myself a strict budget and promptly went over it. By 100%... Oh well, I did get some super bargains, including this ensemble. Camel jumper: Pringle; raspberry tweed skirt: Towncliffe. I adore these two together. Raspberry and camel: my tip for the next hot colour combination. You heard it here first. MM told me I looked like Miss Jean Brodie in this outfit. That's a good thing, right?

I fell in love with this black silk dress, which has a lace bodice covered by a sort of black chiffon capelet. It is actually *slightly* too small for me, but I did negotiate a fantastic deal of £43 for the three and as long a I don't breathe the pain is almost unnoticeable, so all in all a good deal I feel.

I will be accessorising my new outfits with this fabulously grown-up handbag, which came from the lovely girls at Vintage Owl Boutique, who had a stall at the vintage fashion fair and, with a bit of luck will also be gracing the My Swish events with their special brand of vintage glamour:

In other news, My Swish has been getting its name about all over the place this week. Have a look at fab blog Vintage Brighton to see our top tips for a successful swish. We're also going to be featured in the Brighton Argus Woman section tomorrow, as well as Latest magazine this week. AND, AND... My Swish will be featured in the January issue of Cath Kidston Magazine. I KNOW. Cath Kidston's ACTUAL magazine! We're in it!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

A sad week

Things are very sad here at the moment. My astonishing, wise and beautiful grandmother, whom I have talked about on here before, has left us very suddenly.

Here she is in her in her prime in Italy this summer. This is how I will remember her: surrounded by a family who adored her, always engaged, always intelligent; glamourous and beautiful till the end.