Monday, 17 January 2011

Birthday capers

Today is MM's birthday, so yesterday I planned a little surprise for him. With a little (okay, quite a lot) of help from Peter, who runs the truly remarkable ceremonies company, Light on Life, and also plays in MM's band.

We had a gorgeous lunch at Pelham House, during which MM, who had twigged that something was afoot, kept asking me why I kept getting text messages... Having detained him by spinning out a post-prandial coffee, we ambled down the hill to our local nature reserve, the Railway Land. MM, of course, tried to make mischief out of my now obvious, attempts to manoeuvre him, by suggesting that actually, he'd rather go and walk around the ruins of the old Priory instead...

Eventually, though, we walked into the woods to find the path lined with lanterns and candles, which led us to a fire in a clearing, where MM's friends were waiting to greet us:

We had champagne and cake around the fire, while friends recited limericks prepared in MM's honour. After some guitar strumming and singing, we made our way to the Snowdrop Inn, where more friends were waiting with drinks, more limericks and a crown and King's cape for MM to wear...

Later, a select group came back to MM's, where I had prepared a big vat of spiced lentil and parsnip soup and Serena had brought another vat of chilli beans with pasta. MM put on his beloved rare-groove funk records and much good conversation was enjoyed. What fun.

In other news, it's all go on the swishing front. Don't forget to book online to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer on tickets for our 23rd January swish at Lansdowne Place in Hove.

If you came to one of our previous swishes, don't forget to enter our photograph competition: send a photo of your best swished outfit to by 22nd January and you could win a selection of scrumptious Mulu chocolate and free entry to a forthcoming swish of your choice!

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